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macs Sales & Profit

macs Sales & Profit

Becauses summarizing all customer and product results into a management success bill, provides a wealth of information for all cost managers across all departments and hierarchies. Meaningful coverage comparisons, such as, for example, target, are possible on these fundamentals. These comparisons allow for more advanced analysis and thus form the basis for important business decisions.

macs Sales & Profit provides answers on questions about the market and product strategy and the sales pricing policy of your enterprise. In a matter of seconds, you will learn how the company earns its money, where available capacities or bottlenecks are, how changes in sales prices, customer behavior, revenue tasting, currency influences, etc. effect. Meaningful reports are created at the touch of a button and exactly the way you need it.

The Sales & Profit module supports the serial or trading company in the planning and analysis of its current cover contributions and the initiation of corrections by

  • Determination of success at the customer level
  • Determination of success at the item/product level
  • Success/contribution contribution determination for all areas of the organization
  • Success/contribution contribution determination for all levels of aggregation of the product and sales dimension
  • Analysis and reporting of any hierarchy combination
  • Expected calculations based on known changes (e.g. new sales prices, new purchase prices, new revenue rebates, new currency rates ...)-for the investigation of new high-quality results. Planning, High Accounting, Analysis, Scenario Invoice

Share Responsibility

Many companies have decentralized, i.e. the responsibility for partial areas-profit centers, divisions, business units-the company is spread over several areas.  

This also distributes the responsibility for results. With macs Sales & Profit, the management in the form of coverage accounts and management success invoices will provide all the important control information up-to-date and timely, for example, for the operational implementation of the strategic goals.

In the Sales & Profit module, both a summary of results according to the overall cost procedure and the sales cost method are supported.

  • Responsibility for results
  • Sales/Sales Responsibility
  • Area responsibility
macs Sales & Profit

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In the UKV, the result is determined on the basis of standards (e.g. approach of plan cost/plan cost estimates). Based on the cover contributions I, the fixed costs and structural costs are attributed to the freely definable coverage rates.

By directly assigning the fixed costs to the individual stages of the sales/product or project/order dimension, it is possible to dispense with a key performance of these costs. This allows you to create a relative individual cost and coverage contribution bill.

By taking over the deviations from the macs Product Costing module and the macs Cost Center, the standard value-based UKV can be expanded to include a closed, financial accounting-adjusted total cost accounting.

All is possible  

  • Cover invoices/management compliance bills across all dimensions or Levels of the sales/customer hierarchy, or Project/Work Order Hierarchy based on default values
  • Profit center results by stepwise allocation of fixed costs
  • Profit and loss accounts on the basis of financial accounting accounts (total enterprises) Total cost procedures taking into account the inventory and offsetting of the deviations
  • Revenue Costing Procedure (UKV)
  • Total cost procedure (GKV)
  • Coverage Invoices
  • Management Performance invoices
  • Profitcenter Results
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