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Other Sectors

Other industry sectors

The macs Controlling Know How extends far beyond the boundaries of the industries that have already been identified. Therefore, we would like to give you an insight into which other industries macs are already in use and provide you with an insight into which typical industry-specific requirements macs supports.

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Hotel business
  • Trading companies
  • Service Providers
  • Public Services
  • Public Administration
  • Gambling
  • Technology Companies
  • Construction
  • Creative and Design Agencies
  • Interior and Architecture
  • Transport and Logistics Industry
  • Passenger Transport


Transport & Logistics

To optimally manage Transport & Logistics companies in terms of management accounting and KPI's. macs is used to generate viable plans and to successfully control the achievement of these plans and targets,

For example:

  • Receiving cost per delivery
  • ability to deliver
  • on-time vs late deliveries
  • inventory turn frequency,
  • cost of storage
  • storage duration or
  • productivity measure of route planning.


  • Permanent and sustainable economic control by
  • constant target-actual-comparisons of costs and benefits
  • transparent preparation and verification of compliance with the logistics budget and
  • any kind of deviation from target analysis,
  • to improve efficiency and
  • to provide decision support to the executives.
macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Transport und Logistik

Energy Suppliers

For energy suppliers macs is indeed the industry solution for management accounting and integrated business planning. It is based on a bundle of functionalities that takes into account all the specific features of the industry and integrates them into the management of the company.

In the multi-level contribution margin statement sales volume and revenue planning are based either on contracts or tariffs and are determined automatically

  • the BPR, P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, unbundling trades
  • all data for general cost management
  • the calculation of fees for network usage
  • the planning of all price components
  • the profit center income statement: Electricity/Gas/Water
  • the ad-hoc income statement for collective bargaining customers
  • the degree of activity, reporting and KPI's
  • and some features more.
macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Energieversorger

Hotel Business

Target-actual comparisons and rolling forecasts are important factors for successful business management in the hotel and service industry. Meaningful forecast and coordinated simulations take into account the changing conditions at all times.  

Important key figures are determined at the push of a button from all existing data sources and for any desired time and for each location and/or location. for every important category. In addition to the standard tasks of the contribution margin calculation,liquidity and investment planning is facilitated.

  • Hotel Occupancy Rate (HOR)
  • The length of stay of your guests
  • The occupancy rate of your home
  • Sales revenue from all or selected room nights sold
  • The contribution margins from all possible angles (customer, room category, agency, season, etc.)
  • Investment planning
  • Liquidity planning
macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Hotellerie


In addition to future-oriented investment planning, the results of meaningful contribution margin calculations are key factors for entrepreneurial decisions in the construction industry.  

Plans for any number of years and rolling forecasts are processed and the relevant KPI's generated.  

macs differentiates between variable and fixed costs and also takes into account so-called secondary cost centers, i.e. those that provide services to other cost centers.  

  • Manage overhead costs - compare actual to budget based on progress
  • Determines accurate activity cost rates
  • Enables successful project management
macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Baugewerbe