macs goes ILS

Digital bridge strike

Digital bridge strike

Digital Bridge Strike

From autumn, the ILS, Germany's largest remote school based in Hamburg, is launching its cooperation with macs Software GmbH from rooms.

For the distance students of the part-time courses to the controller with examination at the IHK, it is therefore possible for the first time to apply the learned expertise in a practical way in a software and to get to know the effects of digitalization in controlling up
Time-based companies are increasingly working with professional controlling software that perform calculations in all depths and dimensions safely and error-free, and support the controller in the work. Self-created Excel spreadsheets no longer provide the standard that awaits the future controllers in the companies.

To put the bridge into practice, macs managing director and ILS graduate Michael Joos suggested the educational partnership, which was immediately hit by open ears. And in this way, macs with a lot of experience and in addition to the theory blocks of the distance learning program, built an example of a training company with a database. From this, the macs training team developed challenges, as they occur in controlling everyday life. The remote students solve the tasks directly and digitally in the controlling software of macs.  

"The show cases," so the macs team unisono "are solvable for everyone who will dial into the cloud and interpret the results correctly." And that's what it's all about. Forecasts and simulations alone are initially only numbers. In order to be able to actively intervene in the control of a company in the future, controllers and controllers need theoretical knowledge and secure data that is related to each other, allow a meaningful analysis. Together, they form the basis for strategic corporate decisions.

The transformation of the learned results to the results obtained gains in importance with progressive digitization in all business areas. In order to become the future controller/fit for the job, the image partners macs and ILS are safe, complemented by the professional handling and training with the macs controlling software the previous study material sensibly and practically oriented. The gap for implementation in practice is closed.